Why Sustainability

Why Sustainability

There are three main pillars in sustainability.  As consumers push for sustainability companies listen and place a higher importance on sustainability practices.  It is no surprise to read that 6 out of every 10 of executives consider a sustainability strategy necessary to be competitive today.  And 8 out of 10 believe sustainability is the future.

    Three most common main Pillars of sustainability are:
    • Environmental
    • Economic
    • Social 

    There are differing view points on what is sustainability.  We view sustainability as meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to met their needs.  Typically one thinks of natural resources however there is also social and economic resources to consider as well.  Our goal is to develop business practices and make decisions that deliver sustainability for long-term viability of people, planet and profit.   

    The COZeCO Bloom collection delivers an assortment of organic cotton and in small batch quantities which is environmentally sustainable. 

    Environmental Sustainability is considering the ecological integrity of the earth's environmental systems.  That humans do not consume at a rate that is faster than the rate to replenish and for us considering the long term impact to the natural resources for the products consumed.

     The COZeCO Bloom collection was designed & manufactured with partners that are economically & socially sustainable. 

    Economic Sustainability is that our partners have access to the resources they require which includes finances to meet their needs.  We work with partners and suppliers that provide a fair and living wage.

    Social Sustainability that human rights and basic necessities are attainable by all people.  

    Why is sustainability is important to us:

    We simply care for people & our planet.

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