Inspiration behind the collection

Inspiration behind the collection

Whitney Port feels at home with the launch of her line - The Bloom Collection, for COZeCO. The colors are fresh and happy, inspired by nature’s palette celebrated on 2021 runways everywhere. The line’s fabrics are so cozy, predominantly 100% organic cotton, domestically grown and certified. The designs are timely, to coincide with our emergence from quarantine’s cocoon. Each piece mirrors the delight of finally surfacing. Chic monochromatic dresses, ribbed mock turtlenecks, light yet warm drawstring pants, and soft tees with a retro vibe are featured. The line includes a nod to the broad appeal of the all-over-knit styles that have evolved over the last year.


Whit’s goal was to simplify the process of outfit dynamics by creating pieces that are both versatile and interchangeable. Separates that are soft and cozy enough to cuddle in, that ooze relaxed sophistication. Style that easily transforms into professional or evening wear. The objective was to create fashion on-trend enough for a fresh and renewed night out, but only if that’s where you want to go.


The Bloom Collection appropriately launches on Earth Day with colors and designs that shout out for all things nature. The delicate details are budding with the fun of youthful memories – tree swings, hugs, and even Whit’s love of colorful gummy bears. Scarcity planning was a primary focus, achieved by minimizing production numbers to reduce waste. We are conscious of the environment, exceedingly mindful to honor our sustainability goal. The theme of planet kindness exists in the overall spirit of every piece designed.


The entire collection reflects the warmth of Whitney’s childhood. Her thoughtful approach to create style for comfort sprang from memories of the sweats she enjoyed in her youth. These are classic essential pieces that are snug enough to fall asleep in. The line boasts an updated version of the oversized sweatshirt she fondly envisions her dad in. The Dad piece is infinitely cross-functional - it can be paired casually with jeans, leggings, or even over a button-down.


Price point featured notably in Whit’s style planning and intention. She purposefully created the line to be accessible across a wide range of budgets. The timeless collection is created to complement COZeCO's future styles for a wardrobe you can build on. Our goal moving forward is to provide fresh additions that infuse something new into your look for years on end.

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