Color Inspo

Color Inspo




Whitney Port’s COZeCO launches the effortless but oh-so-essential Bloom Collection with a delightfully earthy palette. A combination of rich core shades and soft creamy color - the collection introduces our refreshing take on ‘Nature’s Neutrals’ reverberating this year’s runway color direction.


The six colorways that characterize the Bloom Collection are contemporary, COZe and warm. COZeCO’s pairing of fashion essentials with on-trend color fits any moment of your life, whether it’s a stroll through the city at night or an outdoor meditation on a sunny spring day.




Honey is a soft, delicious buttercream. Dove is a cool neutral that gently hints at slate. Hazelnut is warm and toasty, a sweet pastel brown. Ochre is the bold one of the bunch - a bright burnt orange that compliments every skin tone. Moss is a springy succulent green, a nod to the current popular botanical trend. Finally, we have Crown - a preppy, deep blue tribute to Whit’s dad and her fondest memories of him.


COZeCO’s launch palette is modern and perfectly timed. French navy and buttery browns capture the current season’s hues.  Dove and Honey represent our spin on the popular soft tones that make up 2021’s alternative to predictable pastels. The interplay between shades is essential to our design - upholding the minimalist fashion ideals that define COZeCO’s sustainability mission. The brighter shades pair easily with the delicate lighter tones allowing the joyfully independent colors to mix and match in perfect harmony. You’re bound to find something new to #getCOZe in every time you open your closet door.


The line’s Earth Day launch is no coincidence, an intentional effort to highlight the importance of preserving our planet. COZeCO is an environmentally conscious fashion brand that produces COZe, feel-good, seasonal essentials. The Bloom Collection has been created with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton to reduce our carbon footprint. The colors are minimally dyed resulting in soft, eco-friendly fabrics with a snug comfy feel. We limit the number of pieces that we produce to minimize waste because we share your commitment to protecting the environment for years to come.


We want to inspire you to save the earth. After all – it’s the only one with gummies.


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