Avalon + Whitney Connection

Avalon + Whitney Connection

Unbeknownst to Whitney, she had a serendipitous business pairing with the Avalon team, as they were the manufacturer behind her initial Rent the Runway collab. Together Avalon Apparel and Whitney created her highly-successful Love Whit collection.  Whitney knew right away that this eco-friendly fashion team was exactly who she had been envisioning as her ideal partner for when she was ready to embark on being at the helm of her own fashion label, COZeCO. 


Whitney in her own right, had first-hand industry experience and fondly remembers palling around town with her dad watching him build various fashion entities spanning production, manufacturing and licensing.  However, being that Whitney was known for her time on Reality TV, she had concerns about garnering respect as a professional in the competitive world of fashion. It was within their first collab that the Avalon team immediately recognized and appreciated Whitney’s creative talents.


Founded in 1987, Avalon Apparel LLC is a Los Angeles based fashion company specializing in Women’s, Juniors’, and Girls’ apparel. Throughout the collab, Whitney was delighted to discover that Avalon Apparel possessed the professional regard she was quietly canvasing for in an end-to-end full-service design and production partner.  Avalon is committed to conducting business with integrity, inclusivity, and respect for the environment, making it a natural pick for Whitney when was ready to seek out who she’d want to produce her very own line. 


Today, Whitney has come full-circle; she is following in her father’s entrepreneurial footsteps and simultaneously fulfilling her soul by marrying her two passions, lounging and sustainably designing.


The Bloom Collection is the dawn of something wonderful and is a product of the infinite trust and admiration that Whitney and the Avalon team have established together. The Rent the Runway collaboration was the foundation for this amazing partnership solidifying an endearing relationship between both parties. A future of incredible fashion-conscious clothing is heading your way because Whitney and Avalon have found each other and are united in passion and drive.

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